Senior Advisor

Nach seinem Ausstieg von Roland Berger im Jahr 2007 hat Dr. Reichl immer wieder verschiedene Unternehmen/Institutionen und Persönlichkeiten als Senior Adviser unterstützt (siehe auch MR Advisory) / Since he left Roland Berger in 2007, Dr. Reichl has been acting as Senior Adviser for various institutions and personalities (see MR Advisory in the menu bar)


World Economic Forum

Between 2007 and 2010, Dr. Reichl has been acting as Senior Adviser to Klaus Schwab, founder and CEO of the Word Economic Forum. His primary task was to institutionalize and coach the Forum of Young Global Leaders (YGLs), the global community of about 600 outstanding leadership personalities under 40 years from around the world and from all ways of life.



UBS Investment Bank

From 2007 until 2012, Dr. Reichl has acted as Senior Adviser to the UBS Investment Bank in Austria and Central Europe. He introduced experts from all industry sectors of UBS IB to CEOs and CFOs of leading Austrian companies and acted as local contact for the clients of UBS IB. 


During 2011 and 2012, he handed over his contacts to Dr. Erich Obersteiner, who is now acting as full-time Investment Banker in the Vienna office of UBS.


Adviser for leading personalities

After his departure from Roland Berger, he has supported various leading Austrian personalities in key strategic and organizational challenges.


To be able to act also on bigger assignments in this field, he connected with personalities of similar background to establish "MR Advisory - Individual Advice to Top Management", a network of highly qualified individuals with extensive background in Top Management Consulting (see header of this page: MR Advisory)


Examples of assignments include:

  • Re-organization of the group structure of a leading globally active production company 
  • Re-organization of the basic group structure of a big Austrian infrastructure provider
  • Post-merger integration and reorganization of a leading European commodity producer.